Chris Burden: Sculpture in Three Parts

Chris Burden, Sculpture in Three Parts (1974): “I will sit on this chair from 10.30 am 9/10/1974 until I fall off.”

Jacob Tonski

Vesna Vulovic

    Vesna Vulovic. Fell over three minutes without a parachute and survived. Holds the world record for falling from the greatest height.


    Sanja Ivekovic. In “Double Live” she compares photographs for advertising with her private colleciton.


Jeppe Hein

Shikuza Yokomizo

“Dear Stranger” by Shikuza Yokomizo. Yokomizo contacted strangers in a letter, asking them to stand in front of their windows at a certain time, photographing them from outside.

rotoscoping muybridge

Dita Pepe

robert breer