The Elektrofachadel is a Salzburg based Club which is running since october 2006. We try to create a setting apart from the conventional club culture and its well established musical genres and give young, unknown and often odd artists a place to perform. Besides it is always important for us to find interesting ways of connecting different musicans and VJs or invite audiovisual liveacts. An important part of the efa is the room and stage design which we are always trying to expand a little more and adjust to the room we are playing in.
We are also trying to connect to other collectives similar to ours in Austria and Germany an cooperate with:
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artists and collectives
Dorian Concept, Paracelsus, Kabelton, Lux, Woei, Superkitsch, Backlab Collective, Firnwald, Penny Pincher, Sam Irl, Zanshin, Escafarand, Legojazz, Beatniks, Phoosapiens, Clubforum, Blink and Remove, Cjen Fourier, Elektro Hermann, Dot Marix with Stereo Sound...