In 2005 five students of MultiMediaArt at the Fachhochschule Salzburg founded the visual-artist-group kon.txt. They are concentrating on room concepts by playing with the opportunities of projection. In doing so, they are dealing with the digital video-culture and it's narrative and poetical elements on the one hand, and the generative attributes of digital media in general on the other. Their professional responsibility is including the production of video clips, animations and short-films, the live-mixing and generating at events and als the whole framing of an event as far as non-temporary work like installations. kon.txt is a constant part of the AV-Act L'egojazz (Munich), the upper austrian electro duo Microchipkids and furthermore works together closely with the live performing artist Dorian Concept (Vienna). The straight and continuous teamwork allows a constant development of their concepts.
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VJing for/at:
UrbanArtForms Festival 2007
Temp Festival 06/07
Shining Festival 07
"Schnitzel with Noodles" live cinema performance
Patrick Pulsinger
Acid Pauli
Whignomy Brothers
The Panacea
DJ Aphrodite
BTO Spider
Angina P
Oliver Hangl "On Ear" (L´egojazz & Dorian Concept)
DJ Twang
Martin Krug & Veronica Ferres (Birthdayparty)
Night of the organ(Salzburg)