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wii damage (update)
Sunday, 17. December 2006

The Nintendo Wii is the most hyped piece of hardware since the iPod, also because of the bloggers’ reactions. Of course it has already been smashed, like any gadget which has been released since the term web2.0 was pronounced the first time.

But I found a website, I really like, although it deals with destruction. Wiidamage.com documents accidents and damaged furniture, provoked by enthusiastic gamers who didn’t follow this simple rule:

So it’s now possible to create stats of the most dangerous Wii games: be aware of bowling!

1. Wii Sports: Bowling (9 hits)
2. Wii Sports: Baseball (7 hits)
3. Wii Sports: Tennis (5 hits)

I just found a similar website: Wii have a problem
(via basic thinking)

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  1. Wii is not to blame…People get so excited and swing so hard and then *poof* its off and *crash* something breaks, Wii has sensitive motion sensors in it so it can dedect the slightest movement…SO DON’T BLAM NINTENDO OR WII!

    Comment by NOU — February 7, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

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