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digimech mechanical clock
Wednesday, 2. July 2008

Another cool clock found in the web: digimech. Want one!
“Numbers are printed on vertical sliders and only reveal themselves when shifted into perfect alignment with the ‘display box’. When not aligned they look like random, alien forms.”

reminds me of: “clock” by Christiaan Postma
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nude (geek version)
Sunday, 8. June 2008

Radiohead’s “Nude” played on old computer hardware.

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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Jan Vormann - Dispatchwork
Saturday, 7. June 2008

more on his website.

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lucy and bart
Wednesday, 21. May 2008

An interesting and amazingly aesthetical mash up of fashion, architecture and body art from Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. Don’t miss the pdf.

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muto (by blublu)
Friday, 16. May 2008

Wow, a totally amazing piece of street art by blublu:

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Clock by Christiaan Postma
Monday, 28. April 2008

Christiaan Postma created a beautiful typographic clock out of more than 150 induvisual clockworks:

“The word “three” completely appears when it’s exactly 3 o’clock and will then transform again as time passes. The word “four” begins to appear and at exactly 4 o’clock the word “four” is clearly visible. The word “three” is by then totally vanished and no longer readable.”

Best have a look at the fast forward animation here.

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rainbow in your hand
Friday, 7. March 2008

beauty via swissmiss

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Sunday, 24. February 2008

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The little girl giant
Saturday, 16. February 2008

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Raymond Crowe - A Wonderful World
Saturday, 25. August 2007

Unimpressed by technology 2:

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