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Rodney LaTourelle
Tuesday, 13. February 2007

Rodney LaTourelle

If you’re in Berlin these days, go out and watch the Rodney LaTourelle exhibition at the Program. Sounds really awesome:
“This exhibition features a large scale, site-specific installation that continues the concerns about relations between colour, space, and the body that have been at the focus of Rodney LaTourelle’s work for many years. The exhibition space is transformed into a labyrinth of coloured rooms and passages that must be navigated by the visitor/participant.”

text and photo found at we make money not art - great blog.

PS: thinking about deleting the two posts between this and the Dan Flavin retrospective - the images are fitting perfectly.

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Piano con moto
Monday, 8. January 2007

Piano con moto is an interesting audiovisual project by Claudia Rohrmoser (video/animation), Kotoka Suzuki (music), Rainer Kohlberger (live video) and Gerhard Daurer (audio and video processing). It’s a live piano performance combined with a beautiful visual part, which combines a lovely analogue aesthetic with a modern generative technique. Video Preview 1, 2.
The world premiere is at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin, at the 25th of January. Second performance at the 26th.
Because almost all participants (everyone except Kotoka) are from Multimediaart, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you can manage to watch it :)

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