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real-life cursor
Friday, 16. February 2007

I don’t understand what it’s about, but I like it :)

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visual acoustics
Monday, 1. January 2007

Drawing with sound. A nice flash application from ample design (uk) enables this in a very elegant way:

via information aesthetics

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weather controlled music video
Friday, 15. December 2006

Daniel Scheibel and Ferdinand Weinrother, both students of the University of Applied Science Augsburg (ger) made a music video which is influenced by your geographical position and its current weather state. You can watch it at theunseenvideo.com, where they also offer interesting background information, like overviews of the different object states, and precise data about which parameters are influenced by which weather aspect.

A very honorable project, which convinces through innovation, use of technology AND style!

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net art by Rafaël Rozendaal
Friday, 1. December 2006

Rafaël Rozendaal from Amsterdam uses the Internet as platform for his art. He creates mostly full screen flash applications, where is not explained how to use them. He plays with the user in an interesting way - you always have to find out what you can do, and in which way. Most sites are some kind of minimal, but innovative.

Example of his work: itwillneverbethesame.com

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windy flashgame
Thursday, 23. November 2006

Take a look at Roxik’s portfolio for some fun with wind, flash and physics. A really nice work, watch out for more!

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Virtual FH Salzburg
Tuesday, 14. November 2006

Some guys from Multimediaart made a virtual flash walkthrough through the University of Applied Science, Salzburg. An impressing professional work, created in their first year at MMA! Watch out for Eastereggs :)

Virtual FH-Salzburg

Because of unknown reasons, the FH didn’t make it official. But as you can see, these reasons have nothing to do with the professionalism of this project.

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