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Thursday, 29. May 2008

Brian Eno and Will Wright (Sim City, The Sims, Spore) talking about generative systems (and playing Spore afterwards). Worth the time!

Video Link (downloadable as mp4, mp3 and pdf)
written summary

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LevelHead - spatial memory
Saturday, 20. October 2007

A fascinating new kind of gameplay, shows us Julian Olivier’s Levelhead. This new hybrid gaming form, in this case by combining analogue motions with digital content, will probably offer us a lot of future fun:

“levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver. It uses a cube - with an image on each face - as its only interface.
It uses a single webcam (EyeToy) to capture the image and a screen to present the computed result.
‘Inside’ the cube are six rooms, each of which are logically connected by a network of doors. By tilting the cube you lead
a character around the rooms.”

via desaxismundi in the vvvv shoutbox

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optical illusion gameplay: echochrome
Wednesday, 18. July 2007

A really nice use of the 3 dimensional space, combined with an unusual minimal design brings us the new Sony game for the Playstation: Echochrome.
Rotate Escher like landscapes to bring your character through the optical illusion.

via Digital Tools

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22 month old wii gamer
Thursday, 22. March 2007

Watch a 22 month old child rocking wii sports. Amazing and also some kind of frightening. But it’ll become really exciting when this generation is grown up!

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little big planet
Sunday, 11. March 2007

Little big planet is a very interesting upcoming game for the PS3. It’s like a very very advanced linerider, combined with jump’n run and social network elements. You should watch the video until the end (or just the 2nd half), because the most interesting stuff is shown there. Looks like big fun!

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interesting wii hacks (update)
Saturday, 27. January 2007

List of intersting Wii hacks:

newest post:
Wow, it’s getting advanced! Watch the WiiBot:

older posts:
3. Awesome: this guy controls his whole home. More technical details here. Video
2. Bl4ckfr0g plays Halflife 2 on a Mac: Video
1. Wii RC car control: Video

see also: wii music

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wii music
Monday, 18. December 2006

As already mentioned in interesting wii hacks, the potential of the wii remote is enormous. It will be used as input device for all imaginable things. This posts deals with the musical use; I think the Band will be complete soon.

At the guitar, J5892 with is Wiitar2.0:

Man of the drums: MagicBobert:

and nobrand is responsible for the eletronics:

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windy flashgame
Thursday, 23. November 2006

Take a look at Roxik’s portfolio for some fun with wind, flash and physics. A really nice work, watch out for more!

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1000 cars
Tuesday, 14. November 2006

Imagine thousand cars racing on one road. Of course impossible in reallife, but that’s in fact what computer games are for. In this case: Trackmania. Have a look at the amazing starting sequence:

Previous version, but fewer action.

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