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sagmeister pt 1
Wednesday, 21. March 2007

Three days in 43 words:
giving birth is better than babysitting / Dear Girls! Please be nice to Reini / Be unstoppable! / Tibor Kalman / A Year with swollen Appendices (Brian Eno) / De Bono’s Thinking Course / If your band would be a car, which car would it be? / We feel fine / humor in graphic design

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sagmeister workshop
Monday, 19. March 2007

We are enjoying a Stefan Sagmeister workshop this semester. Details are being posted on the associated workshop blog.
Marias Grandma gave her the advice to absolve the upcming internship term at Sagmeister Inc., after she heard a report about him at the local radio. I really like her note:

(translation: Designer from Vorarlberg in New York, doing design for folk music floppy-discs)

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just ordered…
Monday, 19. March 2007

Yeah, we just ordered this nice Arduino Bluetooth microcontroller.

“Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of lights, motors, and other outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone, or they can be communicate with software running on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP, VVVV)”

Be prepared for stuff I can’t pronounce yet.

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trace your surname
Wednesday, 6. December 2006

Geogen is a nice web application which enables you to create a map showing the spread of your surname. The statistic is based on phone book entries.
Steinweber is a rare one, and can only be found in Upper Bavaria. But not in my county because I’m not in the telephone book anymore :)

The new Version (3.0) works now for Austria, too.

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A=V Festival, Munich
Monday, 20. November 2006

I just discovered that I missed perhaps one of the most important deadlines in my life. Ok, perhaps that sounds overacted, but it’s really VERY annoying, because this workshop deals with my expected diploma topic in a very advanced way:

Yeah, I’m in:

This intensive 3-day workshop offers a hands-on introduction to interactive systems, based on the sensor technology, developed by Andrei Smirnov for measuring and monitoring human motion, air and water flows, variations in the vibrations of light beams, temperature, different mechanical vibrations etc.

=Participants will learn=

=How to detect any sorts of motion and measure it
=What information could we get and how to deal with it
=Physical and technical details regarding the motion tracking
=Basic principles of operation and construction of the theremin based systems
=Art and music applications of interactive motion tracking systems
=Ways to integrate them in musical performance, dance, video, sound and art installations
=How to perform with them
=Practical result oriented training
=Historical overview of different approaches and applications

Subscription deadline was the 5th of November. Arghargharghargh! Perhaps there’s still a opportunity to get in…
Nevertheless I’m gonna visit this event anyway, sounds really great and I’m really angry I didn’t find their website earlier.

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Sunday, 27. August 2006

Finally I found the time to leave Austria für a few days. I’m going to fly to Barcelona on Wendnesday for two weeks.
But before - the day after tomorrow - I’m going to watch and listen to TV on the Radio in Vienna. Looking forward to some great days :)

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Hello World
Sunday, 13. August 2006

I don’t like these two words very much, but: Hello World.

As a fan of netculture, web-development (some call it web2.0 nowadays) and written words on screens, I’m kind of supposed to have an own blog. I’m starting right now, even if blogging is not the most present trend anymore. But there are things to be told!
Main topics will be work-in-progress articles from multimedia projects, things I found and want to share, and a lot of something I don’t know yet.

You can already see one work-in-progress project: this blog. I’m going to create a nice wordpress theme and add some plugins and features, and will tell you about it. Perhaps you get encouraged to start your own blog too.

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