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node08 at vimeo
Saturday, 14. February 2009

The node08 lecture day is about to enter the net. Starting with Paul Prudence’s lecture (dataisnature.com) and performance (this is the last part, with the performance):

I guess there’s a lot more to come. Best subscribe to the node08 vimeo channel.

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VVVVisuals Workshop at Elevate
Tuesday, 7. October 2008

I’m doing a workshop about making visuals with VVVV at the Elevate Festival in Graz (A) together with Kathi. If you’re interested in taking part, check out the details here.
On friday, I’m also VJing with kon.txt, looking forward to Dorian Concept and more.

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node08 timetable released
Monday, 4. February 2008

The node08 timetable is out now, and sounds amazing: advanced shader programming, virtual architecture, code your own nodes and more nerdy workshops will be offered. Plus lectures by Casey Reas, Paul Prudence, the VVVV group of course, and many more.
I’m going to give a beginners workshop, together with Katharina Mayrhofer. Workshop language will be English - Austrian or Bavarian just on demand ;)
Tickets avaliable soon, stay tuned.

Have a look at the full timetable here.

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c.stem 2007 review
Monday, 10. December 2007

Ok that’s a lie. Due to acute lack of time it’s actually not a review, but I can tell you that it’s over and it was great. Turin is a lovely city, and the festival itself had a very personal atmosphere and was on a high level concerning the contents. Thanks a lot for the invitation to Nada and ToDo.

And here some photos of mine, but also have a look at the the official ones!

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c.stem 2007, Turin
Wednesday, 28. November 2007

Quick’n dirty:
Similar Diversity is being exhibited at the c.stem in Turin/Italy. C.stem is “an event devoted to the exploration of the applications of electronic systems in cultural and artistic fields”. I’ll be there from Friday until Sunday, if you want to talk nerdy to me, don’t hesitate getting in contact.

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wiggle it
Monday, 5. November 2007

The VVVV community has been very active in the last weeks, what led to some great Modules and Shaders. It will take some time to play around with all this new stuff.
Today: Mr. Wiggle, by dottore

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vvvv at the iaa2007
Saturday, 29. September 2007

The IAA is already over for this year, but it’s still worth writing some lines about the impressive Mercedes Benz hall.
Heart of this completely modified hall was the “Carwalk” - a huge (50×15m) LED surface on the floor, where the silver cars were placed on. It was partly fed with interactive content by VVVV, realized by Atelier Markgraph and meso.
The whole atmosphere of the hall was really stunning, also because of a perfect combination of all components like light, interior design and moving images. But the total costs must be beyond my imagination…

Also remarkable was the presentation of Mini, where the Pfadfinderei did livevisuals for the complete duration.
Respect :)

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Thursday, 27. September 2007

A nice name for a nice project:
Defetto and his mates from Italy created a very powerful Wii application using vvvv and max. It’s a music and visuals application, using the Wii and Nunchuck for triggering and modifying various samples. Best have a look at the great documentation at de.posi.to/wiiwiiwiiwii/

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new meso website
Friday, 24. August 2007

As promised, meso relaunched the website: meso - digital interiors
A lot of great humour in the details - as actually expected from people naming nodes after Taxi Driver actors!

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the result of today’s work is…
Wednesday, 23. May 2007

Wow. Analyzing about 2 million words, sorting out the activities (verbs) of special persons and comparing their similarities brought me to this amazing value. Let’s call it the ’similarity ratio’ of Adam and Abraham. (I wish it’d be at least a real float…)

Details and visual interesting results soon. Similar Diversity!

(current feeling: a bit Monty Python with a pinch of galaxy hitchhiking)

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