JazzIt Club Nights
Saturday, 18. November 2006


Motiongraphics: Philipp Steinweber
Video: Jakob Barth
Cut: Jakob Barth
Postproduction: Philipp Steinweber
Music: Christoph Pepe Auer Quartet - White Rain

Software: After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop

This is a Trailer for Salzburg’s Jazz Club JazzIt, to promote their monthly Club Nights. The original length is 15 minutes, what you can see here is a short version with fewer photo sequences than in the original. The “Logo’s” design is based on the JazzIt Club Nights CD-Cover by Die fliegenden Fische. We were charged with adopting it for the animation, and decided to add some old film style, and a little less saturated colors as the visual concept which holds together the single parts.

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kon.txt trailer
Friday, 2. June 2006


Video: Philipp Steinweber
Audio: Dorian Concept

Software: Premiere, After Effects

This is my trailer for the visual and video art group kon.txt. It uses the aesthetics from digital errors and TVs what fits our live visual style very good. The created pixel pattern plays a big role in the kon.txt corporate identity as well, as you can see in the logo.

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