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Wednesday, 24. June 2009

More. (more…)

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some things will change here
Monday, 8. June 2009

… and so will I? Probably at least a little.
I’m going to India for 4,5 months, starting in August. This will lead to some different content as usual in this blog, feel free to unsubscribe if you’re only interested in my posts about design and technology. You’re more than welcome to stay or start subscribing, if you are interested in some travel reports and more personal things as seen here before.
The travel-posts will be in English and German for the time of the journey, so that also my family can stay up to date this way :) If I continue being successful in convincing, Mirjam will also give us some shouts from time to time, live from her internship at Auroville.

So, what are the plans so far?
Arriving in Mumbai late at night, traveling to Tamil Nadu in two weeks, because Mirjams internship starts there beginning of September. No more detailed plans yet, just some placemarks with interesting things in the south.
I hope I’m going to check some of them out… perhaps I’m also going more north… not sure yet!

Ready for the largest cultural shock in my life :)

PS: Yes, I’m there for holidays!

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Paris Frankfurt
Saturday, 2. May 2009


new photos on my flickr. be sure to be my logged in flickr friend for seeing the personal pictures too.

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BMWi exhibition
Wednesday, 1. April 2009

Concept, Project Management and Screendesign for various interactive exhibits for the BMWi. More (including video) at MESO Digital Interiors.

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interactive pavillion for mercedes benz
Saturday, 28. March 2009

Technical Administration and Project Management for an interacitve pavillion for Mercedes Benz. More at MESO Digital Interiors.

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edit kaldor - point blank
Sunday, 15. March 2009

Yesterday evening was definitely one of the inspiring one’s. I went to Point Blank in the Mousonturm with no idea what will happen, expect for some “clever use of software” in a performance. The performance was a girl talking, and showing photos:

“In Point Blank Edit Kaldor invites the 19-year-old Nada to present her large collection of photographs. For years she has been observing people, taking ’spy-photos’ of them, capturing their private moments. The core of Nada”s interest is to trace the various life-strategies that people follow. She wants to map out the options for herself. Driven by this curiosity, she becomes witness to a wide range of - at times excessive - human behaviour.
The performance is an occasion for Nada to structure and analyse her archive of possibilities. Together with the audience she contemplates the images, and looks for the implications and patterns that emerge. She aims to get a comprehensive overview and to reach a conclusion: the vision of a life worth pursuing.”
(from: description)

The combination of voyeurism (photos) and exhibitionism (her thoughts) was frightening and absorbing at the same time, Nada’s goal to find the set of rules for a lucky life is naive and lovely at the same time.
If you have the chance to see Point Blank, don’t miss it!

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Rest in peace F12
Saturday, 14. March 2009

After 1,5 years of VJing, fair construction sites and writing diploma (!), my laptop keyboard urgently needed a cleanup. For remembering the positions of the keys I took photos.

I continued taking photos because I really enjoyed digging deeper in the basis of the number one man-machine interface - besides it really looks cool.

keyboard cleaning: during

Unfortunately I broke my F12 key during the operation… but as I’m not a Mac user, I won’t cry.

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Urban Camouflage
Thursday, 5. March 2009

A very lovely project about camouflage and invisibility:

“Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage
oneself and one’s identity in the urban space. Our costumes are
inspired by the «ghillie suits», the military camouflage suit.”

see videos and more photos on the website

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experience center for deutsche telekom
Saturday, 28. February 2009

Concept and Programming for an experience center for Deutsche Telekom. More at MESO Digital Interiors.

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a day in the life of abbey road
Saturday, 21. February 2009

nice idea:

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