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Coal crane in a new light
April 2010

I’m currently working on the software for the following Luminale Installation:
At the new harbour in Offenbach the historical monument of industry coal crane of the EVO power station will be set in scene with an animated illumination. The LED-based lluminations emphasise the construction, retrace it or blur it in the nocturnal context. These illuminations will be opened for Luminale and then continue to shine at night.

Starting this sunday, here.

permaculture farming
December 2009

I learned a lot about nature and growing food during a permaculture workshop and volunteering at Solitude Farm in Auroville/India.

ngo corporate design
November 2009

Corporate Design and Website for Auroville Village Action Group during my stay in India. Support them if you can - I can personally guarantee that every cent is being used (and needed) well!

BMW Skisimulator IAA09
August 2009

Concept and project management for a Skisimulator for BMW. More at MESO Digital Interiors.

bmw focus on joy
August 2009

Screendesign, Concept and Project Management for interactive binoculars for BMW. More (including Video) at MESO Digital Interiors.

BMWi exhibition
April 2009

Concept, Project Management and Screendesign for various interactive exhibits for the BMWi. More (including video) at MESO Digital Interiors.

interactive pavillion for mercedes benz
March 2009

Technical Administration and Project Management for an interacitve pavillion for Mercedes Benz. More at MESO Digital Interiors.

experience center for deutsche telekom
February 2009

Concept and Programming for an experience center for Deutsche Telekom. More at MESO Digital Interiors.

September 2008

My diploma project about “generative typography”. More.

VVVV Workshop at node08
April 2008

VVVV Beginner Workshop at the Node08 Festival in Frankfurt.

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