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Michel Gondry: Science of Sleep
Wednesday, 4. October 2006

Michel Gondry’s new movie “Science of Sleep” is out since monday (in Austria), and because his one of my favourite directors, I already watched it. And it was a real pleasure!
As we know Gondry from various music videos (White Stripes, Chemical Brothers, Björk, Massive Attack - he had them all) he’s very poetic and playful. Obviously this is the point why he’s so interested in showing the mixture between reality and surreality/dreams again, after “The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind“, which is also great. “Science of Sleep” is a little more experimentive and mixes different techniques and aesthetics to show up these differences, without being careful of right proportions or a 100% logic montage. He seems to feel free from all existing guidelines, without getting unhandsome.
Watch it! If you don’t know anything about Gondry, go to his Website where you can see some of his actual work.
My favourite Gondry music videos:

Chemical Brothers - Let forever be
Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

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