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"volume" reviewed
Monday, 15. January 2007

I didn’t blog about “volume” yet, not because I don’t like it but because nearly every multimedia blogger did this. I’m changing this now, because I went to London this weekend and visited the installation in the V&A backyard.


Yes, it is as amazing as it looks like!
As you can also see in the official video, there are different themes which are cycled. The one in the image above is the most popular and graphically interesting one, but works more as some kind of screensaver between different, more interactive settings. The one I liked most is the green theme, which is also shown in the video. But I found out that I haven’t seen them all.
What I did not find out is how the motiontracking is done. I haven’t seem cameras, and the ground on which it’s built is wooden and not sensory at all. I guess it’s some kind of a huge Theremin, which is built in each tower, because the distance you have to the lights is not only measured in one axis - it reacts on how you move in the forward semi circle.*
A very impressing fact is that there are different speakers in each LED tower, what makes the audiovisual experience more perfect.

People of all ages seemed to be fascinated. A little child sat in his baby buggy, and more aged people in chairs, watching people walking through and changing the lights and atmosphere. Go there, if you have the opportunity!

* update: another look at the making of pictures showed that it’s done with infrared indeed.

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