JazzIt Club Nights
Saturday, 18. November 2006


Motiongraphics: Philipp Steinweber
Video: Jakob Barth
Cut: Jakob Barth
Postproduction: Philipp Steinweber
Music: Christoph Pepe Auer Quartet - White Rain

Software: After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop

This is a Trailer for Salzburg’s Jazz Club JazzIt, to promote their monthly Club Nights. The original length is 15 minutes, what you can see here is a short version with fewer photo sequences than in the original. The “Logo’s” design is based on the JazzIt Club Nights CD-Cover by Die fliegenden Fische. We were charged with adopting it for the animation, and decided to add some old film style, and a little less saturated colors as the visual concept which holds together the single parts.

direct download / YouTube
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Monday, 3. July 2006


Photography, Design, Programming: Philipp Steinweber

The topic this work is made for was called Zufall (coincidence), the task to create an illustration with media of our choice. What I did was querying this expression by creating an application with vvvv, which generates a random graphic, each time you press the button. But as you can see when you take a closer look at the simple patch, the pushed button just changes various parameters randomly. So can we still talk about coincidences?
Technically spoken, the button changes randomly position and size of the image; amount, positions and colours of the solids; and chooses between different given text positions.

see the patch

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kon.txt website
Wednesday, 31. May 2006

kon.txt website

design, programming, content: Philipp Steinweber

The website for the visual and video art group kon.txt had to be very functional and equipped with the newest technique. So I decided to use Wordpress as CMS and create a custom theme with Dreamewaver and CSS. That made possible to offer various RSS-Feeds, a calendar subscription link for iCal and more and a list of upcoming gigs beneath the blog-a-like news entries. Furthermore I added some extensions, fore example to import photo galleries from flickr, and creating sub menus.
The header graphic is randomly loaded from a pool where every kon.txt member can put pictures in, to show the different styles and individuals of the group.

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schloss cumberland
Monday, 23. January 2006

schloss cumberland

A corporate design for a nursing home which also offers psychological care: Schloss Cumberland in Upper Austria. Unfortunately it didn’t win the official pitch, but at least the students poll.
The customer’s key words were seriousness and modernness, what led me to the decision to combine the playful sans-serif type Amerika Sans with the classic Garamond. The shades of grey take the effect of some kind of easiness, and the orange sign stands for warmth and cohesion.

download PDF

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schloss cumberland website
Sunday, 22. January 2006

schloss cumberland

A concept for the website for Schloss Cumberland. Read more at the corporate design article.

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