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the arcade fire
Tuesday, 27. March 2007

ARGH! Arcade Fire had to cancel their european tour due to lead singer Win’s illness - and I got a ticket for tomorrow’s sold out show in Munich :(

Wake up featuring David Bowie:

Intervention, what an amazing new song.
Arcade Fire playing in an elevator and the middle of fans.

Great band, buy their work!

(videos via nerdcore)

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in concert: sophia
Tuesday, 23. January 2007

Originally this blog was planned to deal also with concerts I’ve been to, and towns I’ve visited, but due to some reasons I always forgot about that. Perhaps it’s also the missing words to describe those situations.
Whatever, on Sunday I’ve been to Sophia in Salzburg. They played their very sophisticated and complex songs for about 2 hours, leaving us with some whooshing in our ears, because of very noisy parts. But the communicated mood was perfect, the band was happy, and so were we.

Latest release: Technology won’t save us

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