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Good morning night
Wednesday, 7. January 2009

My brother Christopher currently exhibits a series of his photographic work in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. You are invited to check it out, it’s running until 25. of January in the Café Cult.

“Die gezeigten Fotoarbeiten von Christopher Steinweber verschränken subtil zwei Konzepte der Wirklichkeitsaneignung mittels des Mediums der Fotografie. Steinweber reduziert sowohl die Wahrnehmung von Zeit auf genau definierte Zeitfenster, indem er seine Aufnahmen im Dämmerungslicht des frühen Abends macht, als auch die Wahrnehmung von Raum auf diskrete Orte, wie urbane Zwischenräume, die man gerne als „beschämend unspektakulär“ bezeichnen würde.”
full review (german)

Or view the series on his website: steinweber.ch

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c.stem 2007 review
Monday, 10. December 2007

Ok that’s a lie. Due to acute lack of time it’s actually not a review, but I can tell you that it’s over and it was great. Turin is a lovely city, and the festival itself had a very personal atmosphere and was on a high level concerning the contents. Thanks a lot for the invitation to Nada and ToDo.

And here some photos of mine, but also have a look at the the official ones!

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art machines/machine art
Sunday, 21. October 2007

I just came back from my rainy Sunday museum visit, today I chose the Schirn Kunsthalle again.
“In general we presume that artists make art, but what happens when machines produce art?”, is the question the current exhibition deals with. The answer is of course multi-layered, but in many cases it could be: beauty.

Most impressive digital work is by the Austrian artist Lia: I said if. It’s a quite complex application which allows you to generate own compositions like the one shown above. The best thing is: you can do it online as well!
One of many mentionable machine works is Roxy Paine’s “Scumak No. 2″, which produces random sculptures with melted plastic. Some pics are avaliable at my flickr account. It is by the way controlled by max msp.

It’s definitely worth a visit, and a very good choice if you think about going to a museum with children! The various interaction possibilities led to a lot of amused families around.

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seduced by light
Saturday, 29. September 2007

Dazed Digital did a nice behind the scene coverage about three studios/artists from London, working primarily with light. Enjoy listening to the people who did great projects, but be aware of a very bad sound quality:
United Visual Artists (Website), Jason Bruges Studio (Website), David Batchelor.

via interactive architecture (thanks for being back at business finally!)

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frankfurt’s museums
Sunday, 16. September 2007

…are definitely worth a visit. Best spots to go so far:
MMK - ugly from the outside, but great collection inside!
Schirn Kunsthalle - nice, changing exhibitions. Currently the “John Bock Films” can be recommended.

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new meso website
Friday, 24. August 2007

As promised, meso relaunched the website: meso - digital interiors
A lot of great humour in the details - as actually expected from people naming nodes after Taxi Driver actors!

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sagmeister: exhibition
Wednesday, 13. June 2007

Tonight opens our exhibition from the workshop with Stefan Sagmeister at the Hangar-7, Salzburg.
Thanks to everyone for the hard and excellent work!

I did a project together with Andreas Koller: Similar Diversity. First details and pictures are online at similardiversity.net - more coming soon!
To see the huge print (6,2m wide!) and more great work, visit the Hangar until June 26th. The entrance is free.

The picture above is from tobi, and is showing steff.

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g8 coverage by dropping knowledge
Wednesday, 6. June 2007

Dropping Knowledge is reporting from the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. They’re dropping lots of videos and news from their base in Rostock, behind the scenes coverage, interviews and lots of impressions.
Greetings to Esther, Gerd, Martin, Benni and everyone else up there from Salzburg - please take care of yourself and keep up the good work!

Dropping Knowledge G8 special
MMA Rockstock Blog

please spread this (or something you prefer, but spread!):

Hochgeladen von dropping_knowledge
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miranda july: bookrelease
Sunday, 29. April 2007

I never missed an opportunity for mentioning Miranda July, and I won’t now:
She’s releasing her first second book on May 15th, and announces this with a very lovely and creative website: noonebelongsheremorethanyou.com
I like her point of view as far as I know it, and am looking forward to find out more about it :)

Found in Flo’s bookmarks (nice portfolio by the way!)
reminds me of: the subconscious art of graffiti removal

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Sunday, 15. April 2007

If you’re visiting Frankfurt in the next month, don’t miss the Op Art exhibition.
By the way, I didn’t Frankfurt expect to be beautiful, but it definitely is!

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