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Radiohead’s OpenSource Musicvideo
Sunday, 10. August 2008

You might already know Radiohead’s current video plus the nerdy fact that it’s been done without cameras at all, but different types of 3d scanners. That’s a nice idea so far, and very well done!
Now Radiohead and the producers of the video released the data Thom Yorke’s head is built out of in the video. Yes, and the other scenes as well, in form of 3d coordinates in a bunch of well sorted csv files. A lot of numbers for playing around, hell yeah.
You can access all the information on Radiohead’s Google Code page (that’s actually so much cooler than any myspace site!): http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/
Of course there is a Youtube Group for the remixes - here. A nice idea is e.g. the Lego version.

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By the way, uva’s Colder video looks quite similar and came across one and a half year before House of Cards.

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nude (geek version)
Sunday, 8. June 2008

Radiohead’s “Nude” played on old computer hardware.

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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Raymond Crowe - A Wonderful World
Saturday, 25. August 2007

Unimpressed by technology 2:

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analogue aftereffects
Tuesday, 17. July 2007

A lovely music video from the director Roel Wouters:.

“The video has been recorded live as part of the opening ‘Nederclips’ at the Stedelijk museum ‘S-Hertogenbosch SM’S (Curated by Bart Rutten).The project was commissioned by the TAX-videoclipfonds and an important criteria was that the audience of the opening was be able to witness the whole shoot, another criteria was that it should be added to the exhibition immediately after the shoot was done. So we had no option to reshoot or edit if something went wrong. This made us so focussed that we did better that any of us have could imagined.”

reminds me of analogue website

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the arcade fire
Tuesday, 27. March 2007

ARGH! Arcade Fire had to cancel their european tour due to lead singer Win’s illness - and I got a ticket for tomorrow’s sold out show in Munich :(

Wake up featuring David Bowie:

Intervention, what an amazing new song.
Arcade Fire playing in an elevator and the middle of fans.

Great band, buy their work!

(videos via nerdcore)

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awesome viral marketing by nin
Saturday, 10. March 2007

The upcoming Nine Inch Nails Album “Year Zero” attracts lots of attention because of a really innovative marketing campaign by Trent Reznor and 42 Entertainment:
It started with mysterious USB Sticks which were found by fans on the toilets at NIN live concerts, containing a new unreleased song each. Later on, fans recognized special merchandise t-shirts with single bold printed letters which formed the sentence “I am trying to believe” - what led to the website iamtryingtobelieve.com. The weird paper chase just begins at this point: more and more hints, sound files, telephone numbers and morse codes were found, forming an extraordinary story all together.
This way, the agency creates a alternate reality game, which attracts attention from outside, and embeds fans as the mainspring of the paper chase. I’m really looking forward to see more innovative concepts in this field!
Read more at: fudder (german), the NIN Wiki, Fan Forum article.

But now the story got a negative side as well: users which shared the songs from the usb sticks got dunned by a lawyer, because the record label wasn’t really involved in this project. Innovation meets dusty bureaucracy.
Read more at Basic Thinking and Irgendwas ist ja immer (both german).

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Future of Sound, London
Monday, 19. February 2007

I’m probably going to visit the Future of Sound Tour at Goldsmith’s College/London on March the 1st. If someone from likes to join me from Salzburg, just contact me. I’m going to book the flight tonight. Listen and view performances/talks from UnitedVisualArtists, Chris O’Shea, Owen Lloyd and more interesting contemporary artists.
Read more at the official website and wmmna.

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Thursday, 1. February 2007

Wow, what a great idea from a multimedia team from Oberhausen/Germany:

“Tank-FX is a non-virtual effect device. The reverb is generated by
a huge 11m tank made of ferroconcrete. We put some mics and
speakers in it and connected them to a Unix box, so everybody can
use it now from the internet. To try it out, just upload some
audio material. It will be processed in real-time.”

An additional very pleasant aspect of the project is that they only used free software, which is listed on the website.

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Fionn Regan - Be good or be Gone
Wednesday, 24. January 2007

I don’t know anything about this, except that I love it:
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in concert: sophia
Tuesday, 23. January 2007

Originally this blog was planned to deal also with concerts I’ve been to, and towns I’ve visited, but due to some reasons I always forgot about that. Perhaps it’s also the missing words to describe those situations.
Whatever, on Sunday I’ve been to Sophia in Salzburg. They played their very sophisticated and complex songs for about 2 hours, leaving us with some whooshing in our ears, because of very noisy parts. But the communicated mood was perfect, the band was happy, and so were we.

Latest release: Technology won’t save us

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