Martijn Hendriks

Martijn Hendriks: This is where we’ll do it. Series of YouTube videos
from which the performing people were erased.

Maywa Denki

Sascha Pohlflepp

Sascha Pohlflepp - Buttons. A Blind Camera. Instead of taking a picture, the camera connects with Flickr and displays a photo uploaded at that moment you presed the button. “You push the button, they do the rest.”


I can force myself to do what I want, but obviously not to want what I want. - Matias Faldbakken

Peter Weibl - Polizei lügt

Peter Weibl: Polizei Lügt.


Frosty Myers: The Moon Museum. Drawings of Warhol, Rauschenberg and others minituarized and taken on a flight to the moon, hidden at an astronauts leg.

Lawrence Malstaf

Arthur Ganson