Good Old Fashioned Intentionality

the relation of font families is like my mom

Sandra Salo

Sandra Brandstätter - Drawings Of Salo. Illustrations about watching films like Salo on the computer at home.

Manuel Goliath

Entering The Life Of Others by Manuel Goliath. Series in which the artist performs with unconcious strangers.

Hans Haacke, Visitors Profile

Hans Haacke: Visitors Profile (1969-1973). Haacke generated a self-portrait of his viewers by collecting demographic data like age, education, personal taste. He posted it throughout the exhibition.

Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Burn

artists holding signs

Artists holding signs. Drop me a note if you know some more.

Sign reads: Beautiful Mogadishu. Jason Lazarus - To Abdul Abdi (who everyday in Mogadishu, Somalia makes signs that read ‘Beautiful Mogadishu’ to remind citizens what has been lost)

Sign reads: Fire. Bas Jan Ader - Untitled (The Elements)

Lisa Kirk - Demonstration

Jonathan Monk - Waiting for Famous People

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Sharon Hayes - In The Near Future

Peter Weibl - Polizei Lügt.