ken friedman

The distance from this sentence to your eyes is my sculpture. - Ken Friedman

Ai Weiwei - Fairytaile

For the documenta 12 in 2007, Ai Weiwei invited 1001 chinese people to fly with him to Kassel. With costs over 3,1 Mio. Euros, it was the most expensive documenta project ever.

Pier Paolo Calzolari: La Sveglia (Day after Day. A Family Life), 1972

Pier Paolo Calzolari: La Sveglia (Day after Day. A Family Life), 1972
Series of three performances at the same time: A rose reads a book to another rose. A woman awaits the alarm clock. A child plays the accordion.

You, Do It

1. Goto
2. user: You. Password: Doit
3. Write & contribute whatever you want, please don’t delete anything

Project will go on for a week.

webtaxi driver

Webtaxi driver

alexander jason

Phrases that crime scene analyst Alexander Jason hides in the black line at the top of his page, January 2010.

high speed imaging shooting high speed video forensic photographer alec jason shooting expert blood spatter expert officer involved shooting force science expert witness shooting cases police officer involved shootings crime scene analyst expert witness police officer involved shooting firearms expert witness wound expert witness shooting firearms expert shooting expert forensic animation crime scene blood spatter expert analysis shooting expert forensic photographer alec jason ballistics expert shooting expert firearms forensic photographer forensic imaging expert force science analyst forensic photography wound ballistics

Der Transsib. Prospekt

Jochen Gerz - Der Transsib. Prospekt, 1977: Travelling the Trans-Siberian Railroad both ways with a covered window for 16 days and destroying all the traces of the journey afterwards.


Performance Of The Day: Writing a threatening letter to Chris Burden, warning him to keep on hurting himself.


Performance of the day: Uploading the full version of Warhols “Empire” in 10 minute parts onto Youtube.

Rube Goldberg Machines

Rube Goldberg Machines on Film