Karla Black

Martin Creed - Cactus Plants

Martin Creed - Cactus Plants

Ansgar Sollmann

Daniel Eatock - Alarm Dance

Sophie Calle - Suite Venitienne (1974)

For almost two weeks, Sophie Calle spied on a stranger in Venice. They met briefly at a gallery opening in Paris. The same night she decided to follow him secretly on his trip. „A strange arrogance compels us, not only to possess the other, but also to penetrate his secret, not only to be desired by him, but to be fatal to him, too.“ (Calle/Baudrillard 1988, 76)

Simon Faithfull - 4 Postcards From Venice

Sigmar Polke - Strahlen Sehen

Bruce Nauman - Green Light Corridor

alex katz - twilight

Jan Kempenaers - Yugoslavian Monuments