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my flickr updated
Sunday, 1. February 2009

I recently updated my Flickr with a lot of analogue taken photos from the last half year, including New York, Bremen, Salzburg, Graz, and Frankfurt.

I usually announced posts of this kind with a bunch of thumbnails. But unfortunately my chosen method (a wp plugin) doesn’t work anymore. Any ideas how to insert flickr photos in a blogpost easily? Can’t imagine that I still need a plugin to do that?!

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biggest drawing in the world
Monday, 26. May 2008

Arist: Erik Nordenankar
Title: Self Portrait
Technique: GPS-Tracking
Dimensions: 40.076.592m x 40.009.153m

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beijing impressions
Sunday, 27. April 2008

I had the pleasure to fly to Beijing for a MESO project recently. Very exciting city with, believe it or not, lots of Chinese! More surprises caught with my camera:

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barcelona impressions
Thursday, 6. March 2008

I recently had the pleasure to go to Barcelona for setting up a project (more soon*). Beautiful. That’s what February is supposed to be!

* you can currently see at the Cebit, Hall 26/C40

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c.stem 2007, Turin
Wednesday, 28. November 2007

Quick’n dirty:
Similar Diversity is being exhibited at the c.stem in Turin/Italy. C.stem is “an event devoted to the exploration of the applications of electronic systems in cultural and artistic fields”. I’ll be there from Friday until Sunday, if you want to talk nerdy to me, don’t hesitate getting in contact.

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toilets 2006-2007
Wednesday, 25. July 2007

Yes, perhaps a strange way of recapitulating past events. But it works.
Being on a public toilet can be quite boring, so I started taking photos of this boring looking doors I was staring at. I’m doing this for about one year now, and I think it’s a good point to release the first “results”. The rules:
- every toilet is photographed when visiting it the first time
- the point of view is authentic and the image is not being composed in any way
- take the time to name the image correctly or you’ll forget the details…

view the complete set at my flickr

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Friday, 29. June 2007

more on my flickr (now everything shared under creative commons license)/ first visit

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Sunday, 15. April 2007

If you’re visiting Frankfurt in the next month, don’t miss the Op Art exhibition.
By the way, I didn’t Frankfurt expect to be beautiful, but it definitely is!

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Monday, 5. March 2007

I’m so in love with this town! More pictures on my flickr.

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Tuesday, 28. November 2006

Still awake and wasting some time, because I’m going to travel to Prague in about an hour, at 4:47 am. Georg and I are going to visit Markus who’s studying at the Famu at the moment.
Be prepared for some Háček photography!

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