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Sunday, 21. September 2008

The video of my diploma project is online:

HD version on Vimeo

More details on the project page.

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sold out
Saturday, 5. April 2008

After a relaxing warm up today, node08’s intense workshop program starts tomorrow. I have the pleasure to host the Beginners Workshop B together with Kathi - if you cannot be there, you can check the nearly live streaming node08 flickr group for consuming some impressions.

Some pictures of the (successfull) Similar Diversity setup can be found here.

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SimilarDiversity: new website
Wednesday, 26. March 2008

We updated our SimilarDiversity Website and switched to Wordpress finally. Check out some new pictures, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS Feed for staying up to date. There will be some good news soon :)

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similar diversity: eye magazine
Wednesday, 10. October 2007

Yes, we’re little proud today! The current issue of the Eye Magazine, number 65, features our Similar Diversity project. More and better pictures soon at SimilarDiversity.net

Thanks again to Andreas for the very nice and successful cooperation!

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Similar Diversity stats
Thursday, 23. August 2007

Similar Diversity was quite successful the last days, since being posted at infostethics and visualcomplexity - what makes it my first really interesting project at Google Analytics.
Thanks to that technique, I’m able to tell you funky facts, like that the average Uruguayan visitor stays on our site for more than 25 minutes! Followed by Indonesia, 17 minutes and Kyrgyzstan, 12 minutes.
People from Kagoshima even managed to averagely view 13 out of our 4 pages!

More joyful news soon :)

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toilets 2006-2007
Wednesday, 25. July 2007

Yes, perhaps a strange way of recapitulating past events. But it works.
Being on a public toilet can be quite boring, so I started taking photos of this boring looking doors I was staring at. I’m doing this for about one year now, and I think it’s a good point to release the first “results”. The rules:
- every toilet is photographed when visiting it the first time
- the point of view is authentic and the image is not being composed in any way
- take the time to name the image correctly or you’ll forget the details…

view the complete set at my flickr

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sagmeister: exhibition
Wednesday, 13. June 2007

Tonight opens our exhibition from the workshop with Stefan Sagmeister at the Hangar-7, Salzburg.
Thanks to everyone for the hard and excellent work!

I did a project together with Andreas Koller: Similar Diversity. First details and pictures are online at similardiversity.net - more coming soon!
To see the huge print (6,2m wide!) and more great work, visit the Hangar until June 26th. The entrance is free.

The picture above is from tobi, and is showing steff.

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the result of today’s work is…
Wednesday, 23. May 2007

Wow. Analyzing about 2 million words, sorting out the activities (verbs) of special persons and comparing their similarities brought me to this amazing value. Let’s call it the ’similarity ratio’ of Adam and Abraham. (I wish it’d be at least a real float…)

Details and visual interesting results soon. Similar Diversity!

(current feeling: a bit Monty Python with a pinch of galaxy hitchhiking)

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some updates
Tuesday, 14. November 2006

Due to this site is still under construction (the web2.0 expression is beta), I played around a bit with the background. I’m planning to switch pictures, from a pool of generated graphics randomly. Each will be grayscaled, to keep the same look. The current 2-minute-photoshop-artwork has to be seen as placeholder.
Additionally I implemented some small layout improvements.

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some chaos here
Sunday, 29. October 2006

Because this is gonna become part of my portfolio site which I have to create for internship applications, there will be some chaos here for the next weeks. I’ll be documenting the main activity packages, for those who’re interested.
First step is choosing the most simple Wordpress-Theme i can find, and understanding its CSS hierarchy for changing the style later.

Update1: I found a theme which is not very simple, but similar to my first photoshop sketches. I hope that makes the whole process easier.

Update2: Changing the style a bit was not very hard, but this theme’s disadvantage seems to be the technology: tables are used and the RSS button is not shown in Firefox. Still a lot of work to do.

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