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commercialized flashmob
Tuesday, 20. January 2009

Why not? As long as it makes fun.

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Sunday, 24. February 2008

via TEDBlog

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vvvv at the iaa2007
Saturday, 29. September 2007

The IAA is already over for this year, but it’s still worth writing some lines about the impressive Mercedes Benz hall.
Heart of this completely modified hall was the “Carwalk” - a huge (50×15m) LED surface on the floor, where the silver cars were placed on. It was partly fed with interactive content by VVVV, realized by Atelier Markgraph and meso.
The whole atmosphere of the hall was really stunning, also because of a perfect combination of all components like light, interior design and moving images. But the total costs must be beyond my imagination…

Also remarkable was the presentation of Mini, where the Pfadfinderei did livevisuals for the complete duration.
Respect :)

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ways to deal with public ads (update)
Tuesday, 17. April 2007

The growing amount of public advertising displays leads to creative contact with this medium:

update: the Grafitti Research Lab starts the projection battle.

“In an attempt to broaden the scope of MTA’s video art series, Pixelator takes video pieces currently on display and diffuses them into a pleasant array of 45 blinking, color-changing squares. Since the project is an anonymous collaboration, the resulting video is almost entirely unplanned and unanticipated, with the original artists helping to create new works of art without any knowledge of their participation.(Translation: Pixelator turns those ugly, blinding video billboard ads into art.)”
Obviously influenced by Aram Bartholl’s TV Filter.

The Light Criticism Project by the Anti-Advertising Agency and the Graffiti Research Lab is not very recent, but fits perfect:
“We used black foam core ($10/sheet) cut with a laser cutter - but this project can be done with an x-acto blade, black paper, and duct tape. It can be repeated using any backlit display - bus shelters, display ads or television store windows.”

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awesome viral marketing by nin
Saturday, 10. March 2007

The upcoming Nine Inch Nails Album “Year Zero” attracts lots of attention because of a really innovative marketing campaign by Trent Reznor and 42 Entertainment:
It started with mysterious USB Sticks which were found by fans on the toilets at NIN live concerts, containing a new unreleased song each. Later on, fans recognized special merchandise t-shirts with single bold printed letters which formed the sentence “I am trying to believe” - what led to the website iamtryingtobelieve.com. The weird paper chase just begins at this point: more and more hints, sound files, telephone numbers and morse codes were found, forming an extraordinary story all together.
This way, the agency creates a alternate reality game, which attracts attention from outside, and embeds fans as the mainspring of the paper chase. I’m really looking forward to see more innovative concepts in this field!
Read more at: fudder (german), the NIN Wiki, Fan Forum article.

But now the story got a negative side as well: users which shared the songs from the usb sticks got dunned by a lawyer, because the record label wasn’t really involved in this project. Innovation meets dusty bureaucracy.
Read more at Basic Thinking and Irgendwas ist ja immer (both german).

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commercials inspired by gondry
Thursday, 1. February 2007

I found a second commercial, dealing with the same principle:

old post:
This Talk Talk commercial is being praised for the good idea. I also like it:
But it’s obviously not the idea from the agency Clemmow Hornby Inge or from the director David Frankham, but from the director icon Michel Gondry.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the conversion from Talk Talk. The choreography is even better, but I think that the source of inspiration should be mentioned.
another blogpost of mine about Gondry | via freshcreation

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ugly betty mirror
Wednesday, 24. January 2007

The London based interaction agency Nanika created a magic mirror for the Channel 4 UK Building: the face of the user is being tracked and replaced by Ugly Betty. A rather simple principle, but I really like it because it fits the fashion and beauty topic perfectly and is lovely implemented. Watch the video on their website.

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guerilla campaign by axe
Thursday, 18. January 2007

Nice work by an unknown agency:

via ….how advertising spoiled me….

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projected ads
Thursday, 21. December 2006

As a fan and creator of the projected image, I’m a little bit afraid of its future use in the advertising branch. The cities could/will be dominated by blinking and attention catching videos on walls, grounds, and perhaps even clouds. But we’re still in the time where it’s fascinating when something moves where you don’t expect it. Two examples:

1. Beamvertising
A chewing gum company from the Netherlands drives around with a van, equipped with a beamer:
It’s really similar to the Nada Surf “Blankest Year” video from Kristian Davidek and Verena Soltiz

2. Motionposter
This concept uses the underground tunnels for advertisement space. In fact no projection at all (but monitors), but I saw a similar thing once in Munich, which worked with projection. Watch the videos on their website.

(via basic thinking and fresh creation)

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