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VVVVisuals Workshop at Elevate
Tuesday, 7. October 2008

I’m doing a workshop about making visuals with VVVV at the Elevate Festival in Graz (A) together with Kathi. If you’re interested in taking part, check out the details here.
On friday, I’m also VJing with kon.txt, looking forward to Dorian Concept and more.

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Sunday, 21. September 2008

The video of my diploma project is online:

HD version on Vimeo

More details on the project page.

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vvvv at the iaa2007
Saturday, 29. September 2007

The IAA is already over for this year, but it’s still worth writing some lines about the impressive Mercedes Benz hall.
Heart of this completely modified hall was the “Carwalk” - a huge (50×15m) LED surface on the floor, where the silver cars were placed on. It was partly fed with interactive content by VVVV, realized by Atelier Markgraph and meso.
The whole atmosphere of the hall was really stunning, also because of a perfect combination of all components like light, interior design and moving images. But the total costs must be beyond my imagination…

Also remarkable was the presentation of Mini, where the Pfadfinderei did livevisuals for the complete duration.
Respect :)

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liners - last minute contribution
Wednesday, 9. May 2007

Last chance to be part at an Offf Festival performance: Contribute your 3-8 second line drawing videos here. Deadline: now!

mine: klick
rainer’s: klick
woei’s: klick

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moving brands muon launch
Sunday, 29. April 2007

Moving Brands and Chris O’Shea (blog) created an impressive installation for the launch of new KEF speakers. A 10×5 m LED screen was set up in the Sala del Cenacolo in Milan, which reacts to the given audio signal in a very organic way. The way the animation behaves fits the speaker’s design perfectly - and especially the reflections in the object itself are awesome!

see official documentation
flickr galleries: 1, 2, 3
and a quickie on youtube

update: Chris O’Shea published a documentation on his website.

via toxi.in.process

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thèse sur la typographie
Wednesday, 14. March 2007

In my opinion the most outstanding piece of recent motiongraphic works! by Julien Vallée.
I love the perfect combination of analogue and digital animation.

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info motiongraphics
Friday, 2. February 2007

Having a look at the last few months, there seems to be a trend towards informational motiongraphics with social or political topics. I like it this genre until know, because most of them are very lovely designed and animated. To name some examples:

_ Ozan Halici and Jürgen Mayer from the University of Applied Sciences Ulm/Germany dealt with the power of Google in their bachelor thesis, and visualized it in a nice way: “Masterplan - about the power of Google

_ Clemens Kogler from Linz/Austria also seems to have an affinity to this kind of projects, like his Filmriss winning video “Arbeit2.0” and his newest work “Le grand Content” shows.

(via basicthinking and filmriss)

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thank you for smoking titles
Tuesday, 2. January 2007

The title design for Thank you for Smoking, created by Shadowplay Studio, is really worth watching it. A nice motiongraphic work, stylistically based on old cigarette packages. Now Stephen Coles from typographi.com did the great work of identifying most of the typefaces used in the spot, and linking them directly to fontshops. Awesome.

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Wednesday, 8. November 2006

The very interesting project, tower8, released a debut music video. Great look and fine compositing:
watch video
The website offers additional information like a creators’ blog and concept art stills.

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