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Sunday, 21. September 2008

The video of my diploma project is online:

HD version on Vimeo

More details on the project page.

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Radiohead’s OpenSource Musicvideo
Sunday, 10. August 2008

You might already know Radiohead’s current video plus the nerdy fact that it’s been done without cameras at all, but different types of 3d scanners. That’s a nice idea so far, and very well done!
Now Radiohead and the producers of the video released the data Thom Yorke’s head is built out of in the video. Yes, and the other scenes as well, in form of 3d coordinates in a bunch of well sorted csv files. A lot of numbers for playing around, hell yeah.
You can access all the information on Radiohead’s Google Code page (that’s actually so much cooler than any myspace site!): http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/
Of course there is a Youtube Group for the remixes - here. A nice idea is e.g. the Lego version.

via createdigitalmotion

By the way, uva’s Colder video looks quite similar and came across one and a half year before House of Cards.

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muto (by blublu)
Friday, 16. May 2008

Wow, a totally amazing piece of street art by blublu:

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Clock by Christiaan Postma
Monday, 28. April 2008

Christiaan Postma created a beautiful typographic clock out of more than 150 induvisual clockworks:

“The word “three” completely appears when it’s exactly 3 o’clock and will then transform again as time passes. The word “four” begins to appear and at exactly 4 o’clock the word “four” is clearly visible. The word “three” is by then totally vanished and no longer readable.”

Best have a look at the fast forward animation here.

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Sunday, 24. February 2008

via TEDBlog

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The little girl giant
Saturday, 16. February 2008

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LevelHead - spatial memory
Saturday, 20. October 2007

A fascinating new kind of gameplay, shows us Julian Olivier’s Levelhead. This new hybrid gaming form, in this case by combining analogue motions with digital content, will probably offer us a lot of future fun:

“levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver. It uses a cube - with an image on each face - as its only interface.
It uses a single webcam (EyeToy) to capture the image and a screen to present the computed result.
‘Inside’ the cube are six rooms, each of which are logically connected by a network of doors. By tilting the cube you lead
a character around the rooms.”

via desaxismundi in the vvvv shoutbox

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liners - last minute contribution
Wednesday, 9. May 2007

Last chance to be part at an Offf Festival performance: Contribute your 3-8 second line drawing videos here. Deadline: now!

mine: klick
rainer’s: klick
woei’s: klick

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thèse sur la typographie
Wednesday, 14. March 2007

In my opinion the most outstanding piece of recent motiongraphic works! by Julien Vallée.
I love the perfect combination of analogue and digital animation.

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info motiongraphics
Friday, 2. February 2007

Having a look at the last few months, there seems to be a trend towards informational motiongraphics with social or political topics. I like it this genre until know, because most of them are very lovely designed and animated. To name some examples:

_ Ozan Halici and Jürgen Mayer from the University of Applied Sciences Ulm/Germany dealt with the power of Google in their bachelor thesis, and visualized it in a nice way: “Masterplan - about the power of Google

_ Clemens Kogler from Linz/Austria also seems to have an affinity to this kind of projects, like his Filmriss winning video “Arbeit2.0” and his newest work “Le grand Content” shows.

(via basicthinking and filmriss)

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