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Wednesday, 29. July 2009

Today film tip: a documentary about the web, new technologies, social networks and their effects on politics and governments.

“New technologies and a closely related culture of collaboration present radical new models of social organization. This project brings together leading practitioners and thinkers in this field and asks them to determine the opportunity for government.

My tip for watching long films like this: bookmark them in a folder or with a tag like “to watch”, and come back to it when you start thinking of watching tv.

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a day in the life of abbey road
Saturday, 21. February 2009

nice idea:

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Good morning night
Wednesday, 7. January 2009

My brother Christopher currently exhibits a series of his photographic work in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. You are invited to check it out, it’s running until 25. of January in the Café Cult.

“Die gezeigten Fotoarbeiten von Christopher Steinweber verschränken subtil zwei Konzepte der Wirklichkeitsaneignung mittels des Mediums der Fotografie. Steinweber reduziert sowohl die Wahrnehmung von Zeit auf genau definierte Zeitfenster, indem er seine Aufnahmen im Dämmerungslicht des frühen Abends macht, als auch die Wahrnehmung von Raum auf diskrete Orte, wie urbane Zwischenräume, die man gerne als „beschämend unspektakulär“ bezeichnen würde.”
full review (german)

Or view the series on his website: steinweber.ch

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starlings on otmoor
Monday, 18. February 2008

Very beautiful.

And almost no categories to put it in. I should rethink something…
found in the vvvviki some time ago

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The little girl giant
Saturday, 16. February 2008

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on things of(f) things on
Tuesday, 11. December 2007

Projections on architecture by Ben van Berkel. More. (more…)

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LevelHead - spatial memory
Saturday, 20. October 2007

A fascinating new kind of gameplay, shows us Julian Olivier’s Levelhead. This new hybrid gaming form, in this case by combining analogue motions with digital content, will probably offer us a lot of future fun:

“levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver. It uses a cube - with an image on each face - as its only interface.
It uses a single webcam (EyeToy) to capture the image and a screen to present the computed result.
‘Inside’ the cube are six rooms, each of which are logically connected by a network of doors. By tilting the cube you lead
a character around the rooms.”

via desaxismundi in the vvvv shoutbox

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new meso website
Friday, 24. August 2007

As promised, meso relaunched the website: meso - digital interiors
A lot of great humour in the details - as actually expected from people naming nodes after Taxi Driver actors!

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Similar Diversity stats
Thursday, 23. August 2007

Similar Diversity was quite successful the last days, since being posted at infostethics and visualcomplexity - what makes it my first really interesting project at Google Analytics.
Thanks to that technique, I’m able to tell you funky facts, like that the average Uruguayan visitor stays on our site for more than 25 minutes! Followed by Indonesia, 17 minutes and Kyrgyzstan, 12 minutes.
People from Kagoshima even managed to averagely view 13 out of our 4 pages!

More joyful news soon :)

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g8 coverage by dropping knowledge
Wednesday, 6. June 2007

Dropping Knowledge is reporting from the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. They’re dropping lots of videos and news from their base in Rostock, behind the scenes coverage, interviews and lots of impressions.
Greetings to Esther, Gerd, Martin, Benni and everyone else up there from Salzburg - please take care of yourself and keep up the good work!

Dropping Knowledge G8 special
MMA Rockstock Blog

please spread this (or something you prefer, but spread!):

Hochgeladen von dropping_knowledge
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