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Fionn Regan - Be good or be Gone
Wednesday, 24. January 2007

I don’t know anything about this, except that I love it:
via everyone forever

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Tuesday, 23. January 2007

preEnter is a audiovisual project which involves the audience in an interesting way: There are set up 6 flat bed scanners which people can use the way they like it and the results are being used for an audiovisual live performance later on. Watch out for the video documentation.
The people behind this project are from the german artist group YouAreWatchingUs.

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analogue website
Friday, 5. January 2007

The ladies and gentlemen from doubleyou found a very creative way for wishing us a happy new year. You should also check out their website and study their philosophy - very inspiring.

once again via infosthetics

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thank you for smoking titles
Tuesday, 2. January 2007

The title design for Thank you for Smoking, created by Shadowplay Studio, is really worth watching it. A nice motiongraphic work, stylistically based on old cigarette packages. Now Stephen Coles from typographi.com did the great work of identifying most of the typefaces used in the spot, and linking them directly to fontshops. Awesome.

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cubic tragedy
Monday, 1. January 2007

Ming-Yuan Chuan from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology shows us a very modern version of Picasso’s possible work-in-progress. A nice piece of 3d animation, available in high resolutions.

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your friends
Thursday, 21. December 2006

The director So_Me (who seems to have no website at all?) made a very nice music video for Justice VS Simian’s “We are your friends”:
external link to YouTube

found at annablume

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weather controlled music video
Friday, 15. December 2006

Daniel Scheibel and Ferdinand Weinrother, both students of the University of Applied Science Augsburg (ger) made a music video which is influenced by your geographical position and its current weather state. You can watch it at theunseenvideo.com, where they also offer interesting background information, like overviews of the different object states, and precise data about which parameters are influenced by which weather aspect.

A very honorable project, which convinces through innovation, use of technology AND style!

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portfolio linklist
Tuesday, 12. December 2006

This is a list of my fellow student’s portfolios. Check out these very nice works! (most Sites are still in beta stadium)
If you aren’t in the list already, contact me (and if you are in, but don’t like that, too)

_ Anger, Corinna
_ Brunnauer, Anita
_ Hacksteiner, Matthias (Blog)
_ Mayrhofer, Katharina
_ Neumayer, Stephan / SAN
_ Ostermann, Julia
_ Palma, Birgit
_ Perchermeier, Lea (Blog)
_ Randelshofer, Stephan
_ Rohrauser, Thomas / Twang
_ Rossgoderer, Rainer
_ Salcher, Stefan
_ Schererbauer, Tobias
_ Wagner, Markus
_ Wippliner, Markus
_ Zacharias, Yvonne
_ Zlattinger, Harald / SPY

to be continued.

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the flaming lips live
Thursday, 7. December 2006

If you ever have the opportunity to see The Flaming Lips live - go there! It doesn’t even matter if you like the music… the show is absolutely amazing! I just saw a video with new gadgets (Laserpointers) at Hi-Res, what reminded me of their concert I saw this year in Munich. They are able to bring the whole crowd in such a peaceful and harmonic mood, that’s really indescribable.

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787 Cliparts
Sunday, 3. December 2006

Oliver Laric, who unfortunately doesn’t want to give the world some more details about himself on his website, is dedicated to (video)art and, aehm, shoes.

The work I decided to show you, 787 Cliparts, uses an interesting method of sampling images. He put them in a timeline creating fluent motions out of different motives.

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