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wii music
Monday, 18. December 2006

As already mentioned in interesting wii hacks, the potential of the wii remote is enormous. It will be used as input device for all imaginable things. This posts deals with the musical use; I think the Band will be complete soon.

At the guitar, J5892 with is Wiitar2.0:

Man of the drums: MagicBobert:

and nobrand is responsible for the eletronics:

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wii damage (update)
Sunday, 17. December 2006

The Nintendo Wii is the most hyped piece of hardware since the iPod, also because of the bloggers’ reactions. Of course it has already been smashed, like any gadget which has been released since the term web2.0 was pronounced the first time.

But I found a website, I really like, although it deals with destruction. Wiidamage.com documents accidents and damaged furniture, provoked by enthusiastic gamers who didn’t follow this simple rule:

So it’s now possible to create stats of the most dangerous Wii games: be aware of bowling!

1. Wii Sports: Bowling (9 hits)
2. Wii Sports: Baseball (7 hits)
3. Wii Sports: Tennis (5 hits)

I just found a similar website: Wii have a problem
(via basic thinking)

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sound fountain
Friday, 15. December 2006

Todd Vanderlin, a very interesting artist from New York, created the sound fountain: an interface to play audio samples, working with water and light. The nice thing about this is that’s not only about triggering the samples, but also modulating them by the behaviour of the streams of water.
You should also take a look at his blog and his other projects!

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weather controlled music video
Friday, 15. December 2006

Daniel Scheibel and Ferdinand Weinrother, both students of the University of Applied Science Augsburg (ger) made a music video which is influenced by your geographical position and its current weather state. You can watch it at theunseenvideo.com, where they also offer interesting background information, like overviews of the different object states, and precise data about which parameters are influenced by which weather aspect.

A very honorable project, which convinces through innovation, use of technology AND style!

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timetravelling waterdrops
Tuesday, 12. December 2006

This machine is really amazing! Some kind of reality special effects - no video editing in here:

As a matter of course, there’s nowadays also a how-to-create-your-own-time-fountain-manual available on the net.

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portfolio linklist
Tuesday, 12. December 2006

This is a list of my fellow student’s portfolios. Check out these very nice works! (most Sites are still in beta stadium)
If you aren’t in the list already, contact me (and if you are in, but don’t like that, too)

_ Anger, Corinna
_ Brunnauer, Anita
_ Hacksteiner, Matthias (Blog)
_ Mayrhofer, Katharina
_ Neumayer, Stephan / SAN
_ Ostermann, Julia
_ Palma, Birgit
_ Perchermeier, Lea (Blog)
_ Randelshofer, Stephan
_ Rohrauser, Thomas / Twang
_ Rossgoderer, Rainer
_ Salcher, Stefan
_ Schererbauer, Tobias
_ Wagner, Markus
_ Wippliner, Markus
_ Zacharias, Yvonne
_ Zlattinger, Harald / SPY

to be continued.

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Saturday, 9. December 2006


A shortfilm where I was the director of photography. (more…)

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the flaming lips live
Thursday, 7. December 2006

If you ever have the opportunity to see The Flaming Lips live - go there! It doesn’t even matter if you like the music… the show is absolutely amazing! I just saw a video with new gadgets (Laserpointers) at Hi-Res, what reminded me of their concert I saw this year in Munich. They are able to bring the whole crowd in such a peaceful and harmonic mood, that’s really indescribable.

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trace your surname
Wednesday, 6. December 2006

Geogen is a nice web application which enables you to create a map showing the spread of your surname. The statistic is based on phone book entries.
Steinweber is a rare one, and can only be found in Upper Bavaria. But not in my county because I’m not in the telephone book anymore :)

The new Version (3.0) works now for Austria, too.

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styling wordpress
Wednesday, 6. December 2006

Texto.de offers a tutorial which deals with designing an own Wordpress theme step by step. They also prepared a clean template with many explanations inside the code, so that you don’t have to find out everything on your own.

Perhaps interesting for some portfolio creators of mma2004 ;)

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