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Friday, 2. November 2007

A vvvv musicvideo for firnwald’s Narrentanz. Teamwork with Katharina Mayrhofer. Log in at vimeo for the high-res version. (makes sense.)
Download this track and more good music at laridae.

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today is…
Saturday, 27. October 2007

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. Probably a good day to backup your files :)

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art machines/machine art
Sunday, 21. October 2007

I just came back from my rainy Sunday museum visit, today I chose the Schirn Kunsthalle again.
“In general we presume that artists make art, but what happens when machines produce art?”, is the question the current exhibition deals with. The answer is of course multi-layered, but in many cases it could be: beauty.

Most impressive digital work is by the Austrian artist Lia: I said if. It’s a quite complex application which allows you to generate own compositions like the one shown above. The best thing is: you can do it online as well!
One of many mentionable machine works is Roxy Paine’s “Scumak No. 2″, which produces random sculptures with melted plastic. Some pics are avaliable at my flickr account. It is by the way controlled by max msp.

It’s definitely worth a visit, and a very good choice if you think about going to a museum with children! The various interaction possibilities led to a lot of amused families around.

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LevelHead - spatial memory
Saturday, 20. October 2007

A fascinating new kind of gameplay, shows us Julian Olivier’s Levelhead. This new hybrid gaming form, in this case by combining analogue motions with digital content, will probably offer us a lot of future fun:

“levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver. It uses a cube - with an image on each face - as its only interface.
It uses a single webcam (EyeToy) to capture the image and a screen to present the computed result.
‘Inside’ the cube are six rooms, each of which are logically connected by a network of doors. By tilting the cube you lead
a character around the rooms.”

via desaxismundi in the vvvv shoutbox

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similar diversity: eye magazine
Wednesday, 10. October 2007

Yes, we’re little proud today! The current issue of the Eye Magazine, number 65, features our Similar Diversity project. More and better pictures soon at SimilarDiversity.net

Thanks again to Andreas for the very nice and successful cooperation!

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seduced by light
Saturday, 29. September 2007

Dazed Digital did a nice behind the scene coverage about three studios/artists from London, working primarily with light. Enjoy listening to the people who did great projects, but be aware of a very bad sound quality:
United Visual Artists (Website), Jason Bruges Studio (Website), David Batchelor.

via interactive architecture (thanks for being back at business finally!)

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vvvv at the iaa2007
Saturday, 29. September 2007

The IAA is already over for this year, but it’s still worth writing some lines about the impressive Mercedes Benz hall.
Heart of this completely modified hall was the “Carwalk” - a huge (50×15m) LED surface on the floor, where the silver cars were placed on. It was partly fed with interactive content by VVVV, realized by Atelier Markgraph and meso.
The whole atmosphere of the hall was really stunning, also because of a perfect combination of all components like light, interior design and moving images. But the total costs must be beyond my imagination…

Also remarkable was the presentation of Mini, where the Pfadfinderei did livevisuals for the complete duration.
Respect :)

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Thursday, 27. September 2007

A nice name for a nice project:
Defetto and his mates from Italy created a very powerful Wii application using vvvv and max. It’s a music and visuals application, using the Wii and Nunchuck for triggering and modifying various samples. Best have a look at the great documentation at de.posi.to/wiiwiiwiiwii/

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frankfurt’s museums
Sunday, 16. September 2007

…are definitely worth a visit. Best spots to go so far:
MMK - ugly from the outside, but great collection inside!
Schirn Kunsthalle - nice, changing exhibitions. Currently the “John Bock Films” can be recommended.

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Tuesday, 11. September 2007

Vera-Maria Glahn and Marcus Wendt, both students at the School of Arts and Design, Kassel did a nice project, which they self describe as an “interactive sound environment”:

“The Orbiter takes possession of all senses. It is a place for visitors to lay down and relax, watching the firmament above them. With a small gesture, just pointing upwards, the visitor can insert new stars into orbit with unique visual and musical characteristics. The player is enveloped by the instrument; the music filling the ears, the body and space.”

I like the concentric design, which is in this case implemented with Processing. And exceptionally very mentionable is also the exhibition version’s interior design, which can be seen here.
Unfortunately it can’t be figured out well of the documentation, if and how good the interaction really works.

Links: Project microsite on Marcus’ Blog, Video

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